DiTA hosts Creative Arts Classes and Camps in the Atasocita/Humble area for Home School and After School students thoughtout the year. Our camps and classes include artistic training in Music, Dance, Theater, Creative Writing, and Visual Art. To see more information on upcoming camps and class descriptions, click on the Register post it note above.

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Diversity In The ARTS is a performing arts culture, whose mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of youth by providing artistic enrichment programs that will help cultivate confidence and character through creative expression. 

We promote a community of growth and believe that all youth should have an opportunity and outlet to express themselves. Our goal is to empower them to discover the creative ability within and to provide an environment that encourages positive communication and effective articulation.


a Difference



DiTA is dedicated to supporting our educational systems and extending the knowledge base of our children.  We provide onsite after-school programs that will expand artistic training for students or give them an opportunity to explore other art interest through our workshops and intensive trainings. 


DiTA also partners with youth community centers, daycares, churches as well as other youth theater programs  in providing onsite Spring/Summer camps, workshops, and intensive training.




DiTA sponsors free community concerts and productions throughout the year to promote messages of love, hope, and unity through artistic expression.


"Thank you for bringing this type of camp to the east side of town. Jerryn enjoyed every moment, there wasn't a day she didn't come home excited to tell me about her day."


"The camp finale was such a joy to see the artistry of our child come to life in a top notch dinner theater performance!! It was Broadway!"

The Wilson Family

"My daughters GeNay (9 years old) and Gionna (8 years old) attended the Diversity In The ARTS summer camp 2018. Gionna did an amazing job memorizing her lines and was thrilled everyday to attend camp. GeNay, who is sensitive, quiet around people and deals with self-esteem, not only acted on stage, but sung beautifully as well! All I can say is, "Wow!" Thank you to all the staff for giving children the opportunity to express themselves through art!!!"  


"Our goddaughter, Mariah attended the 2018 DiTA camp. She had a blast! We were in awe to see so many hidden talents in Mariah come to LIFE during the DiTA summer camp finale! It was well worth the investment we made in Mariah and the DiTA team made it well worth the experience!"

Trina & Lloyd


Christene Archie

Christene Archie's career in the performing arts arena spans over 30 years. Prior to founding DiTAE, she worked professionally as the Music Director, Vocal Director, Music and Arts Director, as well as Music and Technical Director for various community organizations and theater groups. Christene studied technique and theory in college, receiving a Bachelor's Degree from Lamar University. After graduation, she worked for several Fortune 500 companies in various industries, only to find her way back to her true passions: art and service. She is a songwriter, playwright, certified counselor and an educator. DiTAE was formed to give young people the opportunity and platform to discover their artistic identity by building both confidence and character through creativity.


Not only can giving financially to Diversity in the ARTS help expose a deserving child to the arts, it can also qualify as a tax deduction. Your contribution helps support your summer creative arts campers whose families qualify for support.


If you would like more information, please contact us.

P O Box 9615
Houston, Texas 77213


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P O Box 9615
Houston, Texas 77213

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